Phonic reading!

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This week I will be highlighting our phonic reading and learn to read options we have with Usborne Books!



TToday! Take a peek at our Phonic Box set for 69.99
This wonderful library of 20 phonics titles makes a wonderful gift for young children! Each title is beautifully illustrated, and include a funny story with phonic repetition to help children learn to read. The simple rhyming text helps to develop essential language and early reading skills, and there are guidance notes for parents at the back of the book. Includes: Bug in a Rug, Goat in a Boat, Llamas in Pajamas, Raccoon on the Moon, Cow Takes a Bow, Snail Brings the Mail, Bee Makes Tea, Underpants for Ants, Crock Gets a Shock, Crow in the Snow, Fox on a Box, Ted in a Red Bed, Ted’s Shed, Hen’s Pens, Fat Cat on a Mat, Goose on the Loose, Frog on a Log, Toad Makes a Road, Mouse Moves House, and Big Pig on a Dig


Each book book can be purchased individually for 6.99.

Cash and Carry Inventory

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I have lots of great Usborne books on hand. Check out these amazing, colorful, educational childrens books!

As always no shipping and handling charges on Books Bought from my cash and carry stash if met locally :)


These Amazing Titles are temporarily in my stock to pad my inventory for a few large events!


Wipe Clean

First letters


Alphabet  x2

Baby animals flap book

The Zoo

Max and Millie Start School

Baby Farm Animals

Baby’s very first getting dressed book

Baby’s very first outdoors book

I love you Baby

Baby’s first little library

Little book of little bunnies

Little book of baby animals

Baby’s first touchy-feely animals book

BB of Big trains x2

1001 pirate things to spot

1001things to spot in fairy land

1001 things to spot on the farm

Look inside science

First picture playground games

Busy farm

L & L tractor

Book of lullabies

Animal hide and seek

Polar bears

Touchy feely animals playbook

Touchy feely color playbook

Noisey book farm

Noisey book noah arch

Noisey book monster

Hundrends of silly jokes

animal stencil

First stencil cards farm

100 things for children to do on a trip

Puzzle tin

Quiz tim

Doodle tin

Usborne very first reading set

That’s not my




Train x2





Under the sea puzzle book

Little book of nursery rhymes

Farmyard tales storybook

Little book of farmyard tales

Little childrens bedtime music book

Wind up train

Elephant’s birthday bells

Lion’s speedy sauce

The gobble gobble mooo tractor book

Secrets of the apple tree

How big was a dinosaur

How big is a million

Bible stories

Say Please, louise


JJ and the What if Monster

Bob is a unicorn

Shark in the park

Frog on a log

What’s happening on the farm?

Big pig on a dig

Croc gets a shock

My first pirate book

Ducks day out

Horses and ponies





Farm Animals


There’s a mouse about the house

A Squirrel’s Tale


THESE BOOKS are mine, and will stay with me until SOLD


Noisy Orchestra                19.99

Noisy Diggers                     19.99

Baby’s Very First Noisy Book 15.99

Activity Fun Stickers        5.99

Princess palace

On the Farm

In the wild

Fairy Land X2

Girls’ Activity book          12.99

Boys’ Activity Book          12.99

Dollhouse SB                      8.99

Build your own Cars SB  8.99

Drawing doodling and coloring girls 13.99

Drawing Doodling and coloring Boys 13.99

Baby’s Very First Getting Dressed Book 6.99

Hey Jack 4.99

The bumpy ride

The crazy cousins

The Best Party Ever

Jack Russell: Dog Detective 4.99

The Phantom Mudder

Dog Dan Mystery




Billy B Brown      4.99

The Bad Butterfly

The Big Sister

The Best Project

Impressionist Paintings                 9.99

Number Puzzles               9.99

Brain Puzzles                      9.99

Monster Doodles X2       9.99

Astronomy and Space    9.99

Math Puzzle                       9.99

Animal Doodles                9.99

Christmas Stencil Cards 9.99

Christmas Doodles          9.99

Science Encyclopedia 7.99

Josie Under Fire 5.99

Conspiracy 365 January HB 10.99

Wipe Clean 7.99

Dot- to –dot x3

Ready For Writing

First Math



That’s Not My  9.99


Animal Noises 4.99
That’s not my coloring book  4.99



Easy Spanish SB 6.99

EveryDay Words German SB 8.95

Childrens Encyclopedia 14.99

World Religions                 14.99

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt 16.99

World History Sticker Atlas8.99

Christmas patterns to color 5.99

New Baby 4.99

christmas activity book 12.99

big book of xmas things to make and do  14.99

baby scrap book 19.99

Astronomy and space SB 9.99

First encyclopedia of space 9.99

First encyclopedia of oceans and seas 9.99

First Dot-to-dot 5.99



Things that Go

Dot to Dot 3.99





In space


1*2*3 Coloring book 5.99

1* 2* 3 First Sticker Book 6.99

Colors 1st Coloring Book 5.99

Going to the Dr SB 6.99

Going to the Hospital SB 6.99

First SB Zoo 6.99

Animal Alphabet Activity book 9.99

SD Knights8.99

Around the world SB 8.99

SDD Sports Girls8.99

SDD costumes around the World 8.99

SDD Travel 8.99

SDD action          8.99

SDD country Estate 9.99

Big Book of Big Dinosaurs  14.99

This is my Monster 16.99

Sharks 4.99

Firefighters 4.99

Bears 4.99

Cats 4.99

Horses and ponies 4.99

Living in space 4.99

Under the sea 4.99

Volcanoes 4.99

Weather 4.99


Free Books for Your Child Care Center

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I have always been passionate about Early Literacy.. So when I found out just how awesome Usborne Book Fairs are, I was just beside myself.

Check this out


200-500 dollars in Book Fair Sales and you get 25% back in FREE BOOKS!

500+ is 50% back… Yes 50% Back in FREE BOOKS

So you sale 501 Dollars and YOU WILL GET 250 dollars in FREE BOOKS, how awesome is that?!

Need cash instead of books?

We also offer cash reimbursement for books!
25% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $3,000.00 in sales.
20% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $2,000.00 in sales.
15% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $750.00 in sales.
Minimum sales for the cash only program is $750.00.

Fundraiser Options

We do a program for Fundraisers, Cards For A Cause, for each box of cards you sale… you get up to 43% back in sales ( 43 if your tax exempt, or 36% if your not an exempt organization) Each box is 30.00

Literacy For a Lifetime

This is a grant match program, for a minimum grant or donation of 200 we will match 50% so a 200 dollar gift will get you 300 in books!

Contact me Today to find out how I can come into your center and get these great programs to you. I do all the work, collect all the money, and manage every booth, for book fairs. Remember Usborne Books are high quality, vibrant books that are bound to be a hit with readers young and old. We offer educational, activity, fictional, and fun books. We have titles in board books, paper back, library binding, and regular bound.




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Usborne Has great rewards for hosting  a party!


Sales          Reward

250            40

300           50

350           60

400           70

450           80

500          90

550          100

600          110

650          120

700         130

750         140

800        150

850       160

900       170

950        180

1000     190


*as of 9/25/13 *

So host your party today! great rewards for awesome books.