Frog on a log

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Bed time stories are a great way to end the night. Frog on a log is a fun, phonic book that is short and easy to read. If your looking bedtime books that an early reader would enjoy, this is a good choice. If your like me, and have a younger kiddo, the sturdy board book design is perfect and the short easy words are great for their growing vocabulary.
At 4.99 this book is a hit all around!

Frog on a Log


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Usborne Has great rewards for hosting  a party!


Sales          Reward

250            40

300           50

350           60

400           70

450           80

500          90

550          100

600          110

650          120

700         130

750         140

800        150

850       160

900       170

950        180

1000     190


*as of 9/25/13 *

So host your party today! great rewards for awesome books.

Farm Animal Fun

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With spring in the air ( ok more like summer heat already) my little family has been spending quite a bit of time at the zoo. While my kiddo is still to little to really understand the animals we are seeing at the zoo, I do try and build the gap from out and about to home. So our focus has been on reading about farm animals.
Our two favorite books so far are

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales

Picture of Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (C/V) + CDThis delig1htful book contains all 20 of the popular Farmyard Tales stories. Young children will love Stephen Cartwright’s charming illustrations of life on Apple Tree Farm, and the gently amusing stories of Mrs. Boot, the farmer, her children Poppy and Sam, and their animals, Rusty the dog, Curly the pig and Woolly the sheep.






Animal Hide-and-Seek

Picture of Animal Hide-and-Seek

Young children will love this very special Farmyard Tales book. There’s a game of hide-and-seek to play by lifting the flaps, lots of furry and textured patches to feel and some simple counting opportunities too. This is a really delightful book for adults and children to share.






I Know you will love these books too, Grow your childrens book collection today, Order online OR book a party!

Summer Learning!

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With summer break fast appraching, how are you going to keep your children entertained?!

Noone wants to hav ea case of the “I’m Board” and the dreadful nothing to do blues. Check out these fun books to keep your kiddo learning and having fun

First Encyclopedia Library Collection

Picture of First Encyclopedia Library Collection (6)These can be purchased as a set, or individually.

If these are a bit above your early learner check out this set for younger children

Wipe Clean Complete Collection

Picture of Wipe Clean Complete Collection (5)Each book can be purchased individually

Order Up!

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*squee* my first ever book order came in today! I had so much fun going through all the books and sorting out who ordered what. My friends and family have amazing taste I wanted to keep all the books for myself but alas …. everyone elses kiddos needs books too!

Along with the great Usborne Books everyone else bought, I added a handful of books to my own collection. Look for these great books & More at my next show

Animal Hide and Seek

Baby’s Bedtime Story Book

Complete Farmyard Tales (with CD)

Wipe Clean Mazes

Baby’s First Book of little Animals

and Dinosaurs

I can’t wait to write more reviews on each of these fantastic Usborne Books & More Titles.

Book Review ~ That’s Not My Dinosaur

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In this fantastic Usborne Touchy-feely Board book children explore with their hands (or mouths if your kiddo is like mine) different textures while a mouse searches for his dinosaur. That’s not my Dinosaur gives textile feed back for squashy, fuzzy, bumpy, Slippery, rough, and soft.

The vibrate colors used are sure to hold your child’s attention, and each picture is outlined with a black line making it pop out for even the youngest children.  That’s Not My Dinosaur is perfect for birth-1 yr, but around 6 months is when the child would get the most enjoyment from it.

That’s Not My Dinosaur is written by Fiona Watt and Illustrated by Rachel Wells.

That’s Not my Dinosaur may be purchased online Here