Free Books for Your Child Care Center

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I have always been passionate about Early Literacy.. So when I found out just how awesome Usborne Book Fairs are, I was just beside myself.

Check this out


200-500 dollars in Book Fair Sales and you get 25% back in FREE BOOKS!

500+ is 50% back… Yes 50% Back in FREE BOOKS

So you sale 501 Dollars and YOU WILL GET 250 dollars in FREE BOOKS, how awesome is that?!

Need cash instead of books?

We also offer cash reimbursement for books!
25% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $3,000.00 in sales.
20% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $2,000.00 in sales.
15% of the sales in CASH for book fairs over $750.00 in sales.
Minimum sales for the cash only program is $750.00.

Fundraiser Options

We do a program for Fundraisers, Cards For A Cause, for each box of cards you sale… you get up to 43% back in sales ( 43 if your tax exempt, or 36% if your not an exempt organization) Each box is 30.00

Literacy For a Lifetime

This is a grant match program, for a minimum grant or donation of 200 we will match 50% so a 200 dollar gift will get you 300 in books!

Contact me Today to find out how I can come into your center and get these great programs to you. I do all the work, collect all the money, and manage every booth, for book fairs. Remember Usborne Books are high quality, vibrant books that are bound to be a hit with readers young and old. We offer educational, activity, fictional, and fun books. We have titles in board books, paper back, library binding, and regular bound.



Order Up!

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*squee* my first ever book order came in today! I had so much fun going through all the books and sorting out who ordered what. My friends and family have amazing taste I wanted to keep all the books for myself but alas …. everyone elses kiddos needs books too!

Along with the great Usborne Books everyone else bought, I added a handful of books to my own collection. Look for these great books & More at my next show

Animal Hide and Seek

Baby’s Bedtime Story Book

Complete Farmyard Tales (with CD)

Wipe Clean Mazes

Baby’s First Book of little Animals

and Dinosaurs

I can’t wait to write more reviews on each of these fantastic Usborne Books & More Titles.

Book Review ~ That’s Not My Dinosaur

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In this fantastic Usborne Touchy-feely Board book children explore with their hands (or mouths if your kiddo is like mine) different textures while a mouse searches for his dinosaur. That’s not my Dinosaur gives textile feed back for squashy, fuzzy, bumpy, Slippery, rough, and soft.

The vibrate colors used are sure to hold your child’s attention, and each picture is outlined with a black line making it pop out for even the youngest children.¬† That’s Not My Dinosaur is perfect for birth-1 yr, but around 6 months is when the child would get the most enjoyment from it.

That’s Not My Dinosaur is written by Fiona Watt and Illustrated by Rachel Wells.

That’s Not my Dinosaur may be purchased online Here¬†